DISCOVOL is committed to build a community-owned set of decentralized protocols, based on blockchain public infrastructure and other technologies, support users to collaborate building their own high-quality content community, participate in community governance, and share the benefits.

Our Vision

Our Concept

The web 2.0 centralized platforms control personalized content recommendation by aggregating data of user interaction and social network, monopolize the traffic distribution channel between content and users, and grab a huge amount of Ads profits. But a large number of users, content publishers, and advertisers have not gotten reasonable return equivalent to their contribution.

Blockchain technology gives us another potential. With the construction of blockchain infrastructure, the DAPP experience is improving and the cost is falling, close to a critical point. It has been possible to establish web 3.0 application acceptable to users and content publishers. They are incentivized by token economy to involve in content discovery and distribution.

Web 3.0 application features:

Open community

Trustless collaboration

Identity privacy

Data transparency


  • 1
    2021 Sept

    Sept, 2021
    PE fundraising

  • 2
    2021 Oct

    Oct, 2021
    Testnet & DAPP beta
    version online

  • 3
    2021 Nov

    Nov, 2021
    Mainnet launch & DAPP open registration

  • 4
    2021 Dec

    Dec, 2021
    Deploy on Octopus
    First IDO

  • 5
    2022 Jan

    Jan, 2022
    List on exchanges
    Develop community & KOL